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Content Management System Improvements
Online Press Releases"Many web developers and clients assume that with $100,000+ investment in a website comes a vehicle for information and goods that is easy for search engines to find and index."

A majority of the time key elements of search engine optimization are overlooked in the architecture of content management systems.

"Search engines are finding the pages of our website, but we have been unsuccessful in our attempts to improve upon the pages rankings."

A.  Most content management systems allow the administrator to add in custom meta tags but not a custom title.  A descriptive title is essential for getting a web page to rank well on search engines.

We either outline a logic map for your programmers to follow or implement these revisions to the content management system.

B.  Today's top search engines place more emphasis on the content toward the top of an HTML page. In many cases we are able to dramatically increase the content to code ratio on the HTML pages generated by the content management system.



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