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Content Optimization
Content OptimizationThis section discusses the different techniques AceEngine implements to promote your website within organic search engines. These are not esthetic; we maintain your website's appearance and functionality. The changes outlined in this section are purely designed to improve the online marketing capabilities of your website.

Example: Optimizing Website Content

Search Engine Criteria: Every search engine has their own criteria for what they consider a relevant website. Some search engines change their criteria as often as every two weeks, while others update their criteria only three or four times a year. Regardless of how often their criteria are changed AceEngine will update your optimized pages to match their current criteria.

Keyword Rich Pages: For each keyword or phrase you choose AceEngine will build and maintain a series of pages. Each page optimized to fulfill one search engine's criteria for that particular keyword or phrase. This system results in potential clients finding your website via multiple points of entry beyond the website's home page. These pages are based on the copy supplied by the client. AceEngine builds these "doorway" pages, refines each of the pages for a monthly cost based on the number of phrases you choose, and uploads the revisions to the server.

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