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Keyword Analysis Research
Keyword Analysis ResearchAceEngine will determine the most important keywords to attract qualified traffic by working with your marketing department. The value of this research may be far broader reaching than your online marketing campaign.

Keyword Analysis Research Example

For I suggest that we begin with a broad set of research. The goal for this research will be to uncover which categories and subcategories offer the highest probability of attracting potential clients to the website. This research will indicate which focus area to begin building the initial campaign around.

  • Deliverable: Detailed spreadsheet which includes our findings as well as an analysis of those findings.
  • Deliverable: Recommendations on the Keywords and Key Phrases for the optimization campaign.

An online marketing campaign must be built around each company's needs. The goal is to enable people looking for a particular topic to find your website before they find your competition's website. This process begins with optimizing your website for the most effective keywords.

Based on the data from Google, Yahoo, MSN, Overture, Altavista, Hotbot, Lycos, and Teoma we arrive at an overall effective keyword list. This list is prioritized from the phrase that has the highest probability to attract potential clients to your website. Effective keyword research may contain several hundred phrases depending on the scope of the research.

Your AceEngine team member will research what keywords will be the most effective in bringing potential customers to your client's website.

  • Research actual on-line use of suggested Keywords to further narrow selection.
  • Chart the number of times those keywords have been typed into each of the top search engines.
  • Find which other websites are using these keywords, and look at additional keywords they may not have considered.
  • Produce a prioritized Effective Keyword list which is made up of at least 100 keywords that are likely to attract potential clients to their website.
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