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Internet Marketing For New Websites
Top Internet Marketing Problems
"The foundation of successful online marketing projects is an open and trusting relationship between the client and AceEngine's staff."

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We recommend setting up new projects in specific phases.  Each phase of the project will contain deliverables, costs, and timelines.  Many phases are built upon the successes of AceEngine's previous marketing efforts.

Who are AceEngine's ideal clients?

  • Organizations must have a marketing and IT staff.  We are capable of a wide range of IT and marketing tasks, however we are experts in online marketing.  Organizations must have a seasoned staff in these fields to help insure that projects can be executed in a timely and professional manor.
  • Gresham's law: "When there is a legal tender currency, bad money drives good money out of circulation".
    We only work with organizations filled with energetic, joyous indiviguals.  Working together must be a positive experience.
  • Jonathan Shanin, AceEngine's founder, has been working in online marketing for nearly ten years.  In those ten years a client has never been black listed as a result of his (which includes AceEngine) work.  AceEngine's team has spouses, children, and beloved pets.  We support these loved ones through promoting organizations on search engines.  We act in the long term best interests of our clients.  We are committed to promoting our clients through legitimate techniques.  We will not implement prohibited search engine optimization strategies.

    We are a respected online marketing firm in the eyes of major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, and ASK).  We will not sully our reputation or the reputation of our clients with potentially damaging quick fix solutions.

We have a proven system to attain high rankings on search engines and directories. Each step of our design spiral is applied to every client's web site. Over time this system has proven itself to be the most consistent and effective set of tools to attain the highest possible rankings.

Initial Consultation
Contact Ace Engine by email or call us.  To streamline our efforts please fill out our initial consultation form, we will go through each of the items during our first meeting.
After your initial consultation you will have a general idea of the time required of Ace Engine to make your site a success.  Refer to the calendar and decide on an appropriate date.
Think Tank
This is the most crucial stage of the design spiral. Team work is the name of the game at this point, we will work with you to focus our efforts on the most effective set of key words and phrases to promote your web site. Before this point you will receive a work sheet which applies specifically to the needs of your web site.
In a race car the term Blueprinting is used for taking a race car's engine and rebuilding it to the exacting original standards of the engineers. Before Ace Engine begins updating your site for high rankings on search engines and directories we will Blueprint your site. Each part of the Blueprinting process will improve your site's loading time and reliability. Blueprinting your site consists of:
  • Correcting any errors in the HTML code on your site.
  • Correcting any errors in the HTML code on your site.
  • Confirming that your site is consistent in its function and appearance on several versions of the most popular web browsers; Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Mozilla's browser, and AOL's browser interface.
  • Where ever possible we reduce the file size of the pictures on your site, while maintaining the original appearance of that image.  On some sites this phase of Blueprinting can speed up a site's loading time by 300%.
First Optimization
Ace Engine now applies the work from our Think Tank session.  Ace Engine rewrites your site's HTML for two audiences, the first audience is still your customers, the second set of viewers are the search engine's spiders.  The software used to analyze and rank your site on a search engine is called a spider.  Each search engine has there own criteria for what they believe are the defining characteristics of a site.  The closer Ace Engine is to matching your site with the search engine's criteria the higher your site will rank on the search engine.  Once the First Optimization is uploaded your site is then resubmitted to each of the major search engines and directories.
Second Optimization
Before your Second Optimization Ace Engine will analyze the results of our First Optimization.  Ace Engine's tracking software, Santa Clause, has been keeping count of your sites visitors and how they arrived at your site.  Based on this data Ace Engine will remove the ineffective keywords, further refine the pages with successful key words, and add any key words that may not have occurred to us during the Think Tank session.
Staying On Top
At this point your web site is one of the top ranking sites in your field. Over time search engines change their criteria for ranking web sites.  Ace Engine will revamp your site's code as necessary. Our long term commitment to the success of your web site is why we are one of the most respected web-site promotion design firms.

Ace Engine's services include 12 months of site refinements.  During that time we will make sure that your site is ranking as high as possible for the key words and phrases that are most relevant to your company.  You will receive a monthly report, including the results from Ace Engine's tracking software, Santa Clause.
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