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Click Fraud Reporting
Click Fraud Reporting Overview:
The Click Fraud Report shows the number of visitors from a single I.P. address that have clicked on an ad with a campaign identifier on it to get to your site more than once.

A high number of clicks per I.P. address is an indication of click fraud.

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Click Fraud Reporting

From The Internet Glossary:
  • Click - The act of a user clicking on a hyperlink that directs the user to another site. Clicks are recorded when a visitor clicks on a link from a referrer once per day per referrer.

    Clicks can occur from a variety of sources:
    • Links on search engines
    • Links on other sites
    • Links within emails
  • Cookie - A cookie is a text-only string that gets entered into the memory of your browser. This value is a variable that a website sets for future use. A cookie can be set to expire after a visitor leaves a website, or for any future time. If the lifetime of this value is set to be longer than the time you spend at that site, then this string is saved to a file for future reference.

    Most user's browsers support cookies, however, due to privacy concerns, the percentage of users blocking cookies is increasing.
  • Domain - The address of a site, without the protocol, path, page or other items attached. For example, "" is a domain.

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Click Fraud Reporting

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