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REOPENING 6/1/2023


AceEngine’s doors are currently closed. Each of us has chosen to pursue our own individual passions. If you care to indulge me I would like to take a few minutes to share AceEngine’s story with you.

I must begin with appreciating our clients. Thank each of you for giving us the opportunity to help in the success of your organization. We loved working with you and solving your online marketing puzzles.

From January 1995 through December 2009 our client base grew due to existing client recommendations. By 2007 we had the privilege of working for over 250 organizations. Some clients were entrepreneurial, others philanthropic, and many were industry leaders.

AceEngine was founded and run by Jonathan Shanin. Jonathan sees the world uniquely. AceEngine was a reflection of Jonathan's special worldview. Together we identified and solved problems that befuddled others.

We held steadfast to the principle that sustainable forward progress is only possible through the scientific method. Our expertise arose from the ability to see the big picture of each project. Collectively we worked on hundreds of websites. Our technical experience ranges from coding secure web applications for multinational corporations to analyzing what phrases people search for in a specific product. Based on these experiences we architected methodical roadmaps for organizations to minimize the roadblocks that are associated with generating revenue through the Internet.

This systematic game plan, based on the specific requirements of an organization, was the foundation of consistently successful online marketing projects. We understand the usability and technical functionality required in selling products or services online. With this understanding, we provided quantifiable value to sales, marketing, and IT departments.

We had always placed a high value on philanthropy. We invested our time and our dollars into charities. 10% of the gross revenue of AceEngine was donated to charities each year. Our resources were focused on abolishing slavery. We funded a wide array of national and international organizations. Over eleven years we donated hundreds of thousands of dollars. Despite all of these investments we never experienced a situation where our dollars resulted in the end of even the most localized slave trade. I expect this is one catalyst for Jonathan’s upcoming realizations and decisions.

In 2008 we polled the Executive Directors of over 600 little or unknown charities. The crux of the poll was a question that offered the organization one magic wish. Nearly all of the directors requested marketing. Why? Their belief was that a larger audience would result in increased funding and participation. If a global audience were aware of their charity and cause, prosperity would follow. These answers had a profound impact on Jonathan. Shortly after this revelation, Jonathan created the framework for a new charity, AidJoy.

Next Chapter
Jonathan wanted to focus his time on building a charity that would assist little-known charities to overcome life-and-death problems. We wanted to continue driving AceEngine forward and buy out Jonathan’s shares of the company. However, our team needed Jonathan to continue flourishing, therefore continuing AceEngine was simply not viable.

This story concludes as it began, by taking care of our clients. The last several months of our time together were spent finding highly qualified individuals and teams to further our clients’ needs. Each of our clients are now in new capable hands.

Now we will continue moving ahead, treating our friends, colleagues, and loves with respect, and celebrating each opportunity to identify and solve the challenges that lay ahead.

All our very best,
Jonathan, Arne, Alex, German, Sara, and Shawn


IS Engineering

NOT Alchemy


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