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What Is Humanry?


SEO IS Engineering NOT Alchemy


Welcome and thank you for your interest in Humanry's proprietary solutions to profitable growth. We work in collaboration with medical consultancies, marketing agencies, and web development firms. Our focus is exclusively on the tools and training needed to transform patients into your leading source of 5-star reviews and referral superstars.

I assure you that your success is extremely important to me and my colleagues. Humanry's clients are largely referrals from satisfied existing clients and partners. We want to make certain that you are pleased with our service on your behalf.

Our executive team has successfully built, run, scaled, and exited companies. We understand the unique challenges that come with operating people-centric organizations. We are passionate about helping teams adapt to this pivotal moment in time, and increase annual net profits.

If you would like to discuss bonding your staff's happiness with your practice’s prosperity simply schedule a time for us to talk, you'll have my undivided attention!


Jonathan Shanin

CEO, Humanry, Inc.


1. Novel Solutions

The successes of Humanry’s solutions are a result of focusing on empathy, expansive thinking, and experimentation. “The glass is always full, because air counts.”


2. Outstanding Execution

Humanry’s superior project execution is built upon Jonathan Shanin’s triple bottom line philosophy for sustainable prosperity: “cherish coworkers, exceed client expectations, and inspire a greater community”.


3. Delivering On Promises

How we do business is as important as the business we do. Our commitment to our client’s success is unwavering. This core value is reflected through Humanry’s money-back guarantee.


Hi, we're


We are a digital strategy and marketing agency, growing inbound leads and deepening current client engagement.


We do this by empowering front office staff.


Your medical facility can be filled with newly referred patients. With ongoing training and world-class technology, your front office staff will learn how to make this a reality.


We believe there is a healthier model for growing practices and medical facilities. A more human way.


Medical practices with the highest referral rates have front office superstars. Front office staff members refer to your patients by name, recall a detail or two about their lives, and are genuinely happy to see them.


The front office staff we’re describing may have honed their customer service skills over many years.

Humanry helps your front office staff become refined customer service professionals.

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