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Welcome to AceEngine. Working with us is very straightforward. Our founder, Jonathan Shanin, will be your project lead. You will likely have award-winning writers and programmers working on your project as well. However, Jonathan will be your project lead and take responsibility for your project's success.

The former global head of diversity for Siemens referred to Jonathan as "the one neck to choke". This expression stuck and became Jonathan's warcry for integrity.

AceEngine's founder Jonathan Shanin has been leading online marketing projects worldwide since 1995. He continues to be deeply involved in each of our projects.


AceEngine runs differently than online marketing agencies, or boutique consulting firms. What sets AceEngine apart:

"One neck to choke"

When Jonathan began working with Siemens, the global head of diversity asked Jonathan if he was going to be the project's "one neck to choke". Jonathan 

the project lead online marketing specialists, not generalists. AceEngine clients have been thriving for decades from of proficiency in benifit from our deep expertise in digital channels that are extremely complex, and changing daily. We offer integrated solutions with unique services and deliverables tailored to unlock full-funnel growth.

Solutions oriented.

The key to growth is building your business with a trusted partner.

You want a proven process to follow that will get you results but more than that, you want to work with someone you can trust.

The problem is that the complexity of the online marketing landscape means that the most effective allocation of resources can change quickly. Most marketing experts and agencies don’t offer real guidance, clarity or support leaving you feeling exposed, frustrated and overwhelmed.

I believe the essence of marketing hasn’t changed at all. By focusing on the fundamentals that work, we can simplify, clarify, and get back to truly connecting with people to serve them. That’s why I adopt a calm, measured approach to bring all the uncertainty and confusion under control.

As one of the pioneers in SEO and more broad areas of online marketing, my depth of expertise and experience means I can create a clear direction for you so you can confidently grow your business online.

Online IQ

  • Online Marketing Strategy

  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Improved Data Analytics

  • KPI Dashboards

  • Persona Development

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Online Marketing/SEO Audits


Earned Media

  • SEO, Search Engine Optimization

  • Local SEO

  • YouTube SEO

  • Content Marketing

  • White Hat Link Building

  • Digital Newsletters

  • Drip Marketing Campaigns


Paid Media

  • PPC, Pay Per Click Optimization

  • Paid Social Media Ads

  • Sponsorships

  • Online Press Releases

  • Retargeting Ads


Some companies we’ve worked with…

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